Esther – more than beautiful


Esther – more than beautiful is inspired by Queen Esther. She was more than beautiful. She was significant, strong, valuable, intelligent, active, unique and much more.

As a woman, you are much more than the beauty industry’s often completely impossible ideals. As a woman, you are more than beautiful. You are important – to yourself and to others.

With Esther – more than beautiful we emphasize quality, credibility and simplicity. This means, among other things, that we have designed a skin care series based solely on high quality raw materials – raw materials that have been known for their unique skin care properties since ancient times. This means that we use clean oils and wax to make a skin care series that protects, softens and rebuilds the skin. Ingredients are selected because of their special characteristics, but also from a principle of less is more, which means our products are composed by a select number of natural ingredients.

This means we

– only use natural ingredients

– do not adjust color with pigments or dye

– Do not add plasticizers or other substances just to change the product’s consistency

– do not add perfume